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Dave Gershgorn is a writer and photographer based in New York City. He works as a reporter for Quartz, with a personal focus on translating artificial intelligence research to a mainstream audience. He was previously the Assistant Technology Editor of Popular Science. When Dave is a photographer, he likes to shoot long, character-driven features. His work has been featured in QuartzPopular ScienceThe New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


On the weekends, Dave likes hot dogs and any other kind of dog. 

Protest in Ferguson, Mo.

Exhaust and marijuana smoke filled the air in Ferguson, Mo., as protesters take to the streets of W Florissant Ave.

More than one thousand people gathered along half a mile of roadway to protest the killing of Michael Brown, an 18-year-old, unarmed civilian. 

"Hands up, don't shoot," was the prevailing chant among the crowd, who wore bandanas to cover their faces and rode up and down the avenue on the hoods of cars.

Police forces were stationed up the road, away from the majority of the protest. Community organizers stressed peaceful protest and asked revelers to leave, in lieu of police involvement.

Despite the half-dozen community organizers, the crowd grew out of control at some points—small-caliber gunshots were heard from inside a car parked alongside W Florissant, where bystanders reported a youth accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

The crowds Thursday night were more peaceful than previous nights, where local police forces used tear gas to disperse crowds.

"I think this is a good deal, as long as it doesn't turn into a riot," said Brendan of the crowds marching up and down the avenue, who asked to be identified by only his first name. Brendan has been caught in a cloud of tear gas the night before.

The marching tapered off about 12:30 a.m., when posters and signs started to turn into beer cans and bottles of liquor.