Dave Gershgorn


Dave Gershgorn is a writer and photographer based in New York City. He works as a reporter for Quartz, with a personal focus on translating artificial intelligence research to a mainstream audience. He was previously the Assistant Technology Editor of Popular Science. When Dave is a photographer, he likes to shoot long, character-driven features. His work has been featured in QuartzPopular ScienceThe New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


On the weekends, Dave likes hot dogs and any other kind of dog. 

Past Curfew in Ferguson

Trepidation grew as the clock inched closer and closer to Ferguson's midnight curfew Saturday night. Organizers on a loud speaker screamed "If you're scared, leave," demanding all but the most dedicated protesters vacate the area. 

Community organizers from the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panthers attempted to hold protesters at bay, by parking cars in front of the slowly progressing crowd and physically standing in front to block the steady march.

Around an hour after midnight the protesters had progressed far enough down W. Florissant Ave that police began move in kind. Law enforcement threatened to enforce curfew by arrests or other means over their own loudspeaker, which was noticeable louder.

The crowd responded with shouts of renewed intensity, hoarse voices screaming at the approaching police. 

Tear gas canisters were then deployed by police in tandem with smoke. Some ran, others stood their ground for as long as they could against the stinging mist. One young man threw a canister of smoke back at the police line.

Police came closer, ordering dispersion, when gunshots rang out in rapid succession from the crowd, fired laterally across the street. Protesters and media alike scattered, looking for cover. 

The police did not return any fire, instead rushing to the scene near Red's BBQ, where a car had just sped away to take the victim to the hospital.

Law enforcement cornered seven remaining protesters in the Red's BBQ parking lot, who all raised their hands in solidarity as police forces fired more smoke their way, ending the post-curfew protest.