Dave Gershgorn


Dave Gershgorn is a writer and photographer based in New York City. He works as a reporter for Quartz, with a personal focus on translating artificial intelligence research to a mainstream audience. He was previously the Assistant Technology Editor of Popular Science. When Dave is a photographer, he likes to shoot long, character-driven features. His work has been featured in QuartzPopular ScienceThe New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


On the weekends, Dave likes hot dogs and any other kind of dog. 

New site, new focus

You could also call this post "Towing the line: a story of indecision and insomnia." This site now reflects that I've been writing professionally more consistently, which was lacking in its previous form. I've swung back and forth from writing to photographing to writing et cetera, and now there's a healthy medium represented publicly.


I'd like to update this blog more regularly, as well, with things I've been tinkering with, background on stories, etc. There's a blog I've been wanting to start called "Dave Tinkers," primarily focused on my projects in software and hardware tinkering. But, I've had some hosting issues, so I've decided to merge it here. It makes sense, because as my writing for work merges with my personal interests in making things, I think it behooves me to show that I'm not just talking the talk.

I might even rant about journalism. Or post a doodle. Who knows? What an exciting possibility.